So, this isn’t a blog I ever thought i’d write.  In truth I never thought I’d write a blog at all, or be in the situation I find myself in.

I’m a 35 year old single woman, on a scary solo journey about to start IVF using donor sperm bought online from a perfectly legitimate and well regulated, strange amazon style website.  Having been engaged once aged 28 and having since planned an exciting family filled future with a subsequent partner, life hasn’t gone quite to plan, in that I find myself on my own again at 35.  This obviously means there are a few vital ingredients missing when thinking about starting a family.  The one thing i’m quite sure is NOT missing is the deeply felt, real, unrelenting, almost palpable (to me) love for a child I am yet to (and may never- although I don’t want to think about that) have.

Sadly, my AMH (ovarian reserve) also has other ideas and appears to have flitted off, along with cupid to warmer climes.  There is a chance I won’t be able to have successful IVF with my results as they are, but this blog will capture the journey as we find out.

The blog is mainly for me… to process my thoughts, constructively make sense of the highs and lows and hopefully look back on in years to come, to help me remember the strength, courage and love that hopefully results in a wonderful life coming into the world, making me, ‘Louise’, into someone’s Mummy.IMG_9714